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3 Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Your Golf Cart

Any sort of vehicle is more than just a means of getting around. Some vehicles aren’t really practical, but they have a fun aspect to them. Some vehicles are purchased with practicality in mind: sufficient seating, storage space, and ease of use may be a couple of the factors that play into your decision when purchasing this type of vehicle. One thing that all these vehicles have in common with each other is the investment factor. Just like a house or a building, a vehicle is an investment, and a golf cart is no exception. This issue isn’t just for people who plan to sell their vehicle later on; it affects any owner. Even if you don’t plan to sell your golf cart in the future, you should be concerned with the state of it. If you depend on your golf cart for any reason whatsoever, the day it breaks down and isn’t worth repairing anymore will be a bad day. You will need to purchase another golf cart to fulfill the task you were depending on your previous golf cart for. Your golf cart lifespan depends on three important factors: maintenance, storage, and mistreatment.

1. Maintenance

Maintenance and upkeep are the most important and most effective factors in prolonging the lifespan of a golf cart. Regular inspection and maintenance will considerably extend the lifespan of a golf cart. Typically, a golf cart will live for almost 10 years, some manufacturers make claims of up to 30 years of life, these claims are exclusive to gas-powered golf carts. Maintenance for gas-powered and electric golf carts is very different.
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Electric Golf Carts

The main focus for electric golf carts is battery care. Batteries have a limited lifespan, and there isn’t so much you can do about that. A good practice that does extend the lifespan of these batteries is using smart chargers. These chargers stop the flow of electricity after the battery is full, but even with that, you should replace the batteries in your golf cart after about four to six years. After this time period, the voltage in the battery may drop causing a loss in performance and even damage to other components. If you need to replace the batteries in your golf cart just bring your golf cart down to your trusted golf cart dealer in Austin, Texas and we will provide you with our top-notch golf cart repair services. A couple of tips that will prolong the life of golf cart batteries include:

Making Sure The Connection Is Secure

This also applies to the batteries in a gas-powered golf cart. If the electrical connection between the battery and the battery leads isn’t secure, it causes corrosion which will damage the connection even further until the connection fails. The contacts of the battery should be secured and cleaned regularly. If the connection does fail and you have a breakdown in the middle of the road, worry not as your trusted golf cart dealer in Austin, TX offers a golf cart mobile repair service, if you cannot come to us then we’ll come to you.

Storing The Battery In A Suitable Spot

The battery should be stored and charged in a dry and cool space, not a cold space just cool. High or low temperatures damage any type of battery, especially lithium batteries. The batteries rise in temperature while charging which is why it is also recommended to charge them in a cool area.

Gas-Powered Golf Carts

Gas-powered golf carts have a significantly longer lifespan. With gas-powered golf carts, the golf cart life mostly depends on chassis and such. The most reliable part of a gas-powered golf cart is the engine. It is still important to inspect fuel lines and change air or oil filters in time. A gas-powered engine requires some maintenance per mile like changing engine oil approximately every 600 miles, but this allows the engine to function for many many years. The exact time to change things like engine oil is different from manufacturer to manufacturer so you need to check what these conditions are, for your specific golf cart. Both types of carts benefit from regular tire pressure checks, brake inspections, and lubrication of moving parts. Keeping a maintenance log can help you stay on top of these tasks and ensure your golf cart remains in top condition.

2. Storage

Another important factor that highly contributes to the lifespan of a golf cart is storage. A proper storage space like a garage or just a simple roof for protection against rain goes a long way in extending the lifespan of a golf cart. Sunlight, rain, and moisture are all damaging to both the interior and exterior of your golf cart.

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It is also a good idea to disconnect the battery if your golf cart is going to sit in a garage for an extended period of time. Elevating the golf cart on jack stands is also a good idea if you plan to leave your cart parked for a long time, this elevation prevents flat spots from forming on the small tires of the golf cart.

Extreme temperatures will also damage the golf cart in a serious way. Leaving your golf cart under the extreme heat of the sun will cause damage to the materials that make up the interior of the cart and it will also damage the battery.

If you cannot provide a garage for your golf cart, a cover may be just enough to stop weather conditions from negatively impacting the lifespan of your golf cart. Keep in mind that this cover should be breathable enough to allow moisture to escape if it is not, mold growth and mildew will be your next problem.

3. Mistreatment

Driving habits and how a golf cart is used has significant effects on the golf cart’s lifespan. Especially if you own an older golf cart, how you treat the cart becomes even more important. Avoiding mistreatment aids in extending your golf cart’s life for many more years.

golf cart on terrains

Rapid acceleration and hard braking are both hard on the engine and hard on the brakes, repeating this behavior will put a lot of strain on these parts. Overloading the cart beyond its rated capacity will damage the suspension, you should consider the manufacturer’s recommended load limit before trying to load anything on the golf cart. Driving a golf cart designed for a golf course, on rough terrain will also damage it, keep in mind what type of golf cart you own before tackling such terrain.

It’s important to drive a golf cart on suitable surfaces. Avoid rough terrains that can cause damage to the tires, suspension, and frame. Regularly cleaning your golf cart, inside and out, also helps to prevent rust and keep all components in good condition. Pay special attention to the underside of the cart, where dirt and grime can accumulate and cause corrosion over time.

If you have any questions and need any guidance we are here to help. Our experts will guide you through every step and help you take care of your purchase. Whether you are looking for a brand new golf cart and you think you are due for an upgrade, or you just need consultation we are here to help. Our trade-in service allows you to trade your old golf cart for a discount on a new cart from our lineup, even if you are looking to service your golf cart we are here to help you with our services. We offer golf cart mobile repair in Austin, TX for those who cannot make the journey to us. No matter what you need we’ve got you covered, all you need to do is contact the best golf cart dealer near you.

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