Gas Vs Electric

Gas powered golf carts have been around for some time. The technology is near its peak of what a gas powered vehicle can do. We know they offer long range, but are they the real solution in today’s electric vehicle market?

Why Electric?

Electric carts are ideal for a quiet, smooth ride in areas that do not have a gas station nearby. Simply plugging in a normal outlet or dedicated charging station is easy and can be done overnight, ready for full charge the next morning.

Battery powered carts offer low running costs, as there are fewer moving parts, and the servicing process is much simpler than a gas powered cart. You’ll never need to change the oil or the spark plugs or the filters.

It’s cheaper in the long run to purchase an electric golf cart due to its low fuel costs. Electricity is only a portion of cost compared to gas and is the eco-friendly option for those who are conscious about our planet. They can be run indoors too, with no emissions from an electric cart.

Electric golf carts are much smoother and easier to drive. If luxury resorts and country clubs set a high standard, then electric carts are quiet, smooth and offer minimal disruption so conversations can easily take place whilst driving.

Why Gas Golf Carts?

As they offer a longer range than electric. Gas is preferred for those who are outside all day transporting guests or as an airport shuttle. They offer a simple solution that most mechanics can work on and maintain.

Gas is easy to refuel and takes less than a couple of minutes to fill up. With electric, it could take a few hours to charge the battery, which is less ideal for those requiring constant use of their golf carts.


Gas prices are on the rise in recent times, and it is becoming more evident that electric is the way forward. Despite gas carts being cheaper upfront, it is difficult to justify their maintenance costs, noise, and outdated technology over an electric cart.


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