Why Choose Navitas?

Navitas Golf Carts are faster than the competition

Navitas is mostly well known for making the most powerful electric golf cart motor and controller on the market.  When you need more speed, the ability to power up steep hills, or carry lots of passengers or equipment, Navitas is the industry leader you can count on.

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Before 2020, if you wanted a Navitas motor you had to wait until your EZGO or Club Car motor burnt out, and then you would replace it with a Navitas Motor and Controller kit.  You would have a high performance motor in an older cart.

Starting in 2020, Navitas began building the entire golf cart chassis, BRAND NEW, with a frame based off the popular EZGO TXT model.  This means you can tap into one of the biggest parts networks in the golf cart universe.  When you want to further customize or upgrade parts, just look for parts that are compatible with EZGO TXT.

Who is Navitas?

Navitas has been at the forefront of performance EV controllers and industrial applications.  The company is based out of Ontario, Canada and are the innovators when it comes to aftermarket golf cart speed controllers.

With an exceptional customer service standard, each product has received great customer reviews and in forums across the internet.

Who is Golf Carts of ATX?

Golf Carts of ATX is an authorized dealer for Navitas.  We purchase the Navitas chassis in bulk at our manufacturing facility in South Carolina, and there we add the body, seats, tires and battery to assemble it into a complete Golf Cart.  Now you too can own a Brand New Golf cart with the best electric motor on the market! 

Navitas Golf Carts is the only cart with an On The Fly Speed Controller

When the adults are having fun, you can race past all the others in the neighborhood!

When the kids are using it, you can turn the speed and acceleration down using the speed controller and lock it to that setting!

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