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4 Signs That Indicate You Need New Golf Cart Batteries

Your golf cart is your trusted companion, taking you from hole to hole in the park or around the RV park, campground, or campus. But after a few years of use, it doesn’t perform as expected, leaving you wondering how long a new golf cart battery lasts.

How Long Will New Golf Cart Batteries Last?

The answer may depend on the specific battery and how you use (and charge) your cart. You can expect 2-5 years of battery life with traditional or modified lead batteries. For many of today’s lithium-ion batteries, owners can typically count on tripling that battery life, in many cases up to 20 years! That quickly covers the entire life of your golf cart and part of the new one.

How Often Should New Golf Cart Batteries Be Changed?

Knowing how long a golf cart battery will last and when it needs to be replaced depends on your driving and charging habits. The battery will drain quickly for those who use golf carts frequently or for long distances. Users of lead-acid batteries may experience reduced battery life due to practices such as overcharging, low voltage, charging too far, operating at temperatures that are difficult to handle, or other conditions. Fortunately, lithium-ion batteries meet most of these issues without being extremely excessive.

4 Signs You Need A New Golf Cart Battery

Now that you generally know how long golf cart batteries last, it’s essential to understand the signs that you need a new golf cart battery. Here are some easy ways to spot a dying battery and charging new golf cart batteries.

1. The battery Takes Longer Than Usual To Charge

This can be one of the most obvious signs of battery failure. A faulty battery could be to blame if your golf cart is fully charged overnight but needs 12 hours or more to recharge. This will only happen in stages, so you should be aware of any changes in charging times over time. If you don’t want to change your battery, it is better to call a Golf Cart Repair Service to see if you can repair your golf cart battery, or you must buy a new golf cart battery.

2. The Golf Cart Loses Power Quickly

Another sure sign that your batteries are approaching the end of their life and that you need a new golf cart battery is that they are losing power faster than they used to. A damaged battery can’t hold a charge until it’s new and fully functional. This will result in less driving time between batteries, a problem that will worsen until the battery is replaced.

3. The Speed of The Golf Cart Has Been Reduced

Have you noticed a slightly lower pep in your ride? A dying battery can’t provide a burst of energy that powers the speed you’re used to. This can make your movements slow and sometimes affect control or safety. As with issues of decreasing charge length, speed problems will continue to worsen over time unless installing new golf cart batteries.

4. Battery Acid Leaks, Bulges, or Corrosion

If you look at your battery and something doesn’t seem right, it could also mean it’s time to replace it. Common issues include acid leaks around ends, borders, openings, acne, or other infections. Lead-acid batteries can be hazardous, so you should also replace the damaged ones as soon as possible. You should also try to avoid touching any batteries and dispose of them properly to prevent exposure to toxic components that do not harm the environment. After seeing these signs, it is better to buy a new golf cart battery and have a new golf cart battery without any inconveniences; if you need to change your golf cart battery, you can easily find a golf cart dealer in Austin and around. Call us now!

Lead-acid and Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

As mentioned, the two main types of golf cart batteries are traditional lead acid (and variants) and modern lithium. Lithium batteries have an edge for those considering how long they will last and for other needs. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this valuable technology.



When buying new golf cart batteries, it is better to find a company with professional repair services to repair your golf cart battery and, as a final step, offer you a new golf cart battery. Golf Cart of ATX is the premier golf cart dealer in Austin, Texas. We aim to earn your business through competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We offer various repair services and upgrading your golf cart batteries in Austin. Call us now to buy a new golf cart or accessories!

Frequently Asked Questions

While technically it’s OK to replace just one battery on your golf cart, it’s not the best practice. Having one battery working while the rest malfunction can damage the other and send you back to square one. We recommend turning off all your batteries at the same time.
Standard lead-acid golf cart batteries that are properly maintained last 3-4 years. Lithium golf cart batteries last over a decade.
Every golf cart battery we sell has a 12-month replacement period.
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