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Why Choose Navitas?

For the full range of capability, Navitas are the best when it comes to motors and controllers for your golf cart. Their efficiency alone is considered the best in market, with a host of configurations and controllers available, they offer solutions for regen braking, remote access, and comprehensive battery management.

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How Do I Make a Golf Cart Street Legal in Texas?

For any golf lover, it may seem an exciting idea to get your cart on the road. But without a few careful steps, you can be on the wrong side of the law. Let’s get into how to make your golf cart street legal in Texas (Note: other states may have different rules).

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Lithium Ion Vs Lithium Iron

Both contain lithium and both are batteries used in vehicles, but what’s the difference? Quite a lot it seems, when we deep dive into the comparison between the two we will see how much.

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Lithium vs Lead Acid Batteries

With advancements in recent years on battery technology. After the dominance of lead-acid batteries being used in Golf carts, it has been the affordable solution to power them. Lithium is a newer player to this space, begging the question, is lithium now the better option?

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Gas Vs Electric

Gas powered golf carts have been around for some time. The technology is near its peak of what a gas powered vehicle can do. We know they offer long range, but are they the real solution in today’s electric vehicle market?

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