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Best Golf Cart Accessories For Your Safety Assurance

Golf carts are very customizable. There are a myriad of easy-to-install accessories to improve comfort, add entertainment, and most importantly, make the golf cart safer. Golf carts are not exclusive to the golf course anymore, they are becoming street-legal in many states. As the usage of golf carts expands into day-to-day life, safety concerns about these vehicles rise as well. Equipping your golf cart with the right accessories will make the vehicle much safer for you and your passengers.

To make a golf cart street-legal aside from paperwork, the cart needs to have specific safety accessories installed, therefore safety accessories for a golf cart can be divided into 2 categories. Without further ado let’s go over the best safety golf cart accessories.

Street Legality Requirements

1. Seat Belts

Just like in cars, seat belts are crucial to ensuring a safe environment for all passengers. In order for a golf cart to become street-legal It needs to have seat belts for every seat.

Most golf carts do not have doors, or anything to keep the passengers inside, therefore a seat belt is the only thing keeping the passengers from falling out of the vehicle. A seat belt reduces the chance of injury in a hard crash and it eliminates the chance of any accident like falling or slipping out of the vehicle. Seat belt kits are very straightforward in terms of installation. To achieve the maximum level of safety, we recommend a three-point harness like the one found in any modern vehicle. A simple lap belt will stop you from falling out of the vehicle but it will not provide any support to the upper body which may lead to an injury in an accident.

golf cart seat belts

2. Parking Brake

The parking brake in a golf cart is not the same as the one you have in your car. A golf cart parking brake is nothing more than a latch that keeps the brake pedal pressed down. These parking brake kits may come pre-installed, even from the factory on specific golf carts. Even if you need to install a brake kit yourself, they are very cheap and very easy to install.

3. Lights

Proper lighting is essential for safe operation and this includes headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals.


Headlights are mandatory if you want to achieve street-legal status. The main reason for a headlight kit is to illuminate the road ahead but if you carefully choose a headlight kit you can give your golf cart a great look.

Tail Lights

Taillights are also mandatory as they communicate the proportions and presence of your vehicle to other drivers, in the dark.

Brake Lights

A big part of driving is alerting and communicating with other drivers. A brake light indicates that you are slowing down and the driver behind you needs to slow down as well.

Turn Signals

Last but not least, Turn signals are the last step in the lighting department toward making your golf cart street-legal.

4. Windshield

Windshields improve the safety of your golf cart by keeping wind, rain, or any other debris outside and allowing you to focus on driving. Windshields also provide a massive boost towards comfort. Windshield kits are usually model-specific so you need to make sure you are purchasing the correct type and model for your specific golf cart.

5. Horn

A street-legal golf cart needs to be equipped with a working horn. As mentioned previously a big part of driving is communication with other drivers and pedestrians, a horn is the best way to communicate and warn others about the position of your vehicle.

6. Rear-view Mirror

Visibility is a critical factor in preventing accidents. Installing rearview and side mirrors on your golf cart is not only mandatory but it is an essential part of any vehicle. Being aware of your position relative to the position of your surroundings is a critical part of safe driving.
rear view model

General Safety

Aside from accessories based around golf cart street legality many golf cart accessories improve the general safety of a golf cart. The best golf cart accessories to improve the general safety of your golf cart, include:

1. Safety Bars & Grab Handles

Safety bars, also known as grab bars or handrails, provide passengers with something to hold onto on rougher terrain or faster speeds. They are typically installed on the sides of the cart, or on the backrests of the seats. Grab handles can also be added to the interior frame, offering additional support for entering and exiting the cart.

2. All-Terrain Tires

Standard golf cart tires are designed for smooth golf course terrain, but if you plan to use your cart on rougher surfaces, all-terrain tires are a safer option. These tires provide better traction and stability, reducing the risk of tipping or losing control. These tires especially shine where rough weather and terrain meet.
golf cart wheel

3. Emergency Kits

Having an emergency kit on hand in the event of an emergency can make a significant difference. Having a first aid kit is always a wise choice but, these kits come with many useful equipment like fire extinguishers and basic tool kits.

4. Winch

If you own an offroad golf cart an essential accessory to take your cart to the next level is a winch. A winch has many uses while exploring rough terrain but the main advantage is that you will not get stuck anywhere. The moment a wheel gets stuck somewhere you can hook your winch around a tree or large rock and use it to pull yourself out. A winch can also come in handy if you are using your golf cart on a farm or anywhere you might need to quickly move a somewhat heavy package. If you think a winch is the right call for you. If you think a winch is the right call for you why not purchase it from us, the best golf cart dealer in Austin, TX.

5. Backup Alarms

Backup alarms emit a loud noise when the golf cart is in reverse, alerting those around you to be cautious. This is especially important in areas with heavy foot traffic or limited visibility. Backup alarms are a simple yet effective way to prevent accidents.

6. Light bars & Reflectors

Even if you already have a headlight kit installed having an extra LED light bar can be quite useful. LED light bars can light up very large areas, much further than what normal headlights can accomplish. Placing reflectors on the edges of your vehicle will communicate the size and proportions of your vehicle to other drivers, eliminating a major cause of vehicle accidents.
light bar for golf cart

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Equipping your golf cart with the correct gear can improve its safety, looks, and practicality by a large margin. Each accessory plays a role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Golf carts can be made into much safer vehicles very easily, whether you are planning to make your golf cart street-legal or you simply want some peace of mind, you’ve come to the right place. Regular maintenance and checks are also a crucial part of ensuring everything works as intended but, even if you happen to run into any problems with your golf cart we have got your back. We are the top golf cart dealer and golf cart parts dealer in Austin, so whether you need consultation about what parts to get or how to install them, or even if you want to talk about purchasing a brand-new golf cart our experts are ready at your service.

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