How Do I Make a Golf Cart Street Legal in Texas?

For any golf lover, it may seem an exciting idea to get your cart on the road. But without a few careful steps, you can be on the wrong side of the law. Let’s get into how to make your golf cart street legal in Texas (Note: other states may have different rules).

Vehicle Classification

Texan rules state the cart has to have at least three wheels and has a design intent for use on a golf course. With the highest speed of the cart to be no more than 25mph.

Legal on the Road

For street use, a cart may not be driven on roads that have a speed limit higher than 35mph. Providing it is correctly registered as a golf cart and does not drive faster than 25mph either. A decal sticker needs to be placed on the golf cart stating, “Slow Moving”. The cart needs to be insured against minimum liability limits of $25,000 for body injuries, $50,000 injuries combined for all people travelling on the golf cart and $25,000 property damage repairs. They can be driven off-road too. This does not require registration, providing it is less than a two mile vicinity of a golf course as well as only during the daytime. Senior citizens and certain communities may allow a golf cart to be driven on beaches, providing the approval of the local city or county laws. ‍ The registration process can be performed at a county tax office.
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