Navitas Golf Carts are built by Navitas Vehicle Systems in Ontario, Canada. Navitas is famous for making the best golf cart motors and controllers on the market. If you’ve seen golf carts doing wheelies or going 45+ mph on youtube, it was probably a Navitas motor and controller setup.

We don’t recommend going that fast on a golf cart, but we understand that the extra speed and torque is a valuble asset if you live in the Texas Hill Country, or anywhere with big steep hills! The chassis is based on the EZGO TXT, so 90% of those parts and accessories are compatible with Navitas carts. This allows you to tap into one of the biggest parts networks in the golf cart world!

Here are some features that are unique to Navitas Carts:

  • They are highly customizable, with a huge network of aftermarket parts and accessories
  • They come equipped with an On-the-fly Speed Controller, which allows you to customize the speed, acceleration, and regenerative braking. There is a separate key you can use to lock down the settings, if you plan to let your kids drive it!
  • All Navitas carts can be modified with the Navitas smartphone app. There are over 100 settings you can use to tune your cart.
  • The motor, controller, and solenoid are compatible with 36V, 48V, or 72V.

2024 Navitas Storm – Silver – Black Seats

Base price $13,995 USD
Estimated Payment : $220/mo
Black Seats
2 Year Warranty
Top Speed : Lead Acid 30mph / Lithium 35mph

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Navitas is the only golf cart that comes with an On the Fly Controller. Adjust the top speed, regenerative braking, and the acceleration. You can even lock it to your desired settings when your kids are using it!

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